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For: jishu
Title: You're My Superman
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Category: Workforce!AU, WithSuperheros!AU, Fluff, Romance, Angst
Summary: Kyuhyun had been hopelessly in love with his co-worker for years, but Sungmin only has eyes for Super Siwon, who fights evil and saves everyone, and how can he compete with that?

‘Just look at the way he flies through the sky,’ Sungmin sighed dreamily.

‘Just look at the way he poses for the press photos,’ Ryeowook moaned, fanning himself.

‘Just look at the way he smiles,’ Yesung whispered.

Siwon the Superhero flew powerfully, waving majestically at the crowds below him. Sungmin grumbled, ‘I have to go guys, my lunch break’s over.’

He trudged back to the silver office building he worked at, where Kyuhyun greeted him enthusiastically. ‘Hey, Kyu,’ he sighed, sitting down at his desk and staring out the window where Super Siwon talked to fans.

Kyuhyun watched him intently, wondering what he saw in Super Siwon. What did he have that Kyuhyun didn’t? Sure, he had muscles, and Kyuhyun only had the faintest trace. And he could fight evil. But if Kyuhyun really wanted to, he could go beat up computer hackers. Or something.

‘Sungmin?’ he asked slowly. ‘Why do like him so much?’

‘He’s amazing,’ the elder boy gushed. ‘He’s so good and pure and perfect.’

‘Do you love him?’ Kyuhyun whispered.

Sungmin didn’t hear him, but he gazed out the window again and sighed longingly.

Because I love you, Kyuhyun thought desperately, watching Sungmin’s wide eyes staring out of the thick, office glass.

* * *

‘And today Ryeowook and Yesung and I saw him up reeeeeally close and he was wearing his cape and everything and he smiled and it was amazing and then I had to go back to work,’ Sungmin recounted, all in one breath.

Leeteuk smiled and tapped his pencil on the clipboard. ‘And what did you do when you got back to work?’ he asked.

Sungmin thought for a moment. ‘Kyuhyun talked to me for about twenty seconds,’ he said.


‘Yeah,’ Sungmin said, blushing slightly, ‘he works with the tech department. He normally helps me when my computer crashes, or if I don’t know how to work a new program.’

Nodding, Leeteuk noted this down. ‘What did you talk about?’

‘He asked me why I liked Super Siwon so much.’

‘Why do you?’

Sungmin grinned sheepishy. ‘He’s perfect.’

Leeteuk nodded again. ‘Why do you think Kyuhyun wanted to know why you like him?’

‘I dunno,’ Sungmin answered, ‘since he normally doesn’t talk to me about him. But, I don’t know. He seemed a bit. Sad? Tense?’

‘Did you ask him why he seemed that way?’

Sungmin clapped a hand to his mouth. ‘Oh no, I didn’t,’ he gasped, ‘I should have, I’m such a horrible friend!’

Leeteuk pursed his lips and asked, ‘You consider yourself his friend?’

‘Well,’ Sungmin admitted, ‘we don’t really talk all that much. Just regular conversation, plus the “argh-I-have-no-idea-how-to-work-Excel-formulas” talk, and maybe a little bit extra?’

‘How long have you known him?’

‘Um.’ Sungmin scratched his head and replied, ‘maybe four years?’

Leeteuk suggested, ‘Maybe you should get to know him a little more. So that you can be sure your relationship is a friendly one, and not just a co-worker one.’

Sungmin nodded, then asked, ‘Why are we talking about Kyuhyun, anyway? I thought we were talking about Super Siwon.’

‘We were,’ Leeteuk answered. ‘Do you actually want to date Super Siwon?’

Sungmin blushed. ‘Oh my, that would be so perfect,’ he squealed.

Leeteuk nodded. ‘Uh huh. Would you date anyone else?’

His client frowned and thought. ‘Well,’ he said slowly, ‘I would. But he’d have to put up with fanboy-ing. So it’d be easier if he was into Super Siwon too. And then it wouldn’t work out.’

‘Does Kyuhyun like Super Siwon?’

‘No,’ Sungmin said sadly, ‘I don’t think he does.’

* * *

‘Why doesn’t he like me?’ Kyuhyun complained loudly to Zhoumi at the bar. ‘Why doesn’t he realise that I love him, that I’ve loved him for years?’

Zhoumi stared. ‘Kyu, you seriously think I can help you here? I’ve never had to deal with this before.’

Kyuhyun burst into tears, and Zhoumi immediately pryed the drink out of his hand. ‘I just... why doesn’t he love me? Why can’t he understand?’

‘Maybe he’s too in love with Super Siwon?’ Zhoumi suggested, and Kyuhyun sniffed.

‘Of course he’s in love with Super Siwon. Even you’re in love with Super Siwon! Why can’t I compete with him?’

‘You can’t fly,’ Zhoumi said helpfully, and Kyuhyun glared at him with red eyes. ‘But you can write HTML faster than Heechul can change moods. Which has to be some sort of talent.’

‘He doesn’t like nerds,’ Kyuhyun sniffed, ‘and I’m the biggest nerd ever, with my computer games and my coding and everything. I work in the tech department! He’d want someone who is big and strong, not skinny and too-tall. He’d want someone with strength, not someone who can barely snap a twig in two. He’d want someone-‘

‘-like Super Siwon?’ Zhoumi guessed, and Kyuhyun broke out into fresh tears.

‘Kyu?’ Sighing, Zhoumi walked over to a nearby table, grabbed Donghae by the shoulders, and sat him down next to Kyuhyun. ‘I’m not the best person to say this, so Donghae will.’ Donghae was only too aware of the problem.

‘Kyuhyun, if he can’t see how much you love him, it’s his loss,’ Donghae said quietly, ‘because you’re an amazing guy and an amazing friend, and anyone who doesn’t realise that doesn’t know you at all. You don’t need to compete with Super Siwon. Just be yourself.’

Kyuhyun sobbed on Donghae’s shoulder, and Zhoumi stared. ‘Did you get that out of a Disney movie?’ he accused.

‘More like every Disney movie,’ he replied. ‘It should help though.’

* * *

‘Morning, Kyuhyun. How are you?’

‘Hangover,’ he replied darkly, and Sungmin nodded sympathetically. ‘It’s okay, Kyuhyun,’ he said, ‘I bet even Super Siwon gets hungover once in a while.’

Kyuhyun sniffed. ‘Right. Okay. I’m going to work now.’ And he stalked off.

Sungmin watched him go, and asked, ‘What did I do?’

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes. ‘You brought up Super Siwon. Why would you do that?’

‘I thought it would help!’

‘Min,’ Eunhyuk sighed, ‘Kyuhyun’s been in love with you for the last four years. I don’t think it’s easy for him to compete with Super Siwon.’

‘Kyuhyun’s not in love with me,’ Sungmin said, turning red. ‘He’s not. And he doesn’t need to compete with Super Siwon. Nobody can, so why try?’

‘Min!’ Eunhyuk groaned, frustrated. ‘You don’t love Super Siwon, okay? You don’t love him. You just have a very strange obsession with him.’

Sungmin huffed. ‘It’s not strange! Everyone loves him!’

‘Kyuhyun doesn’t,’ Eunhyuk reminded him, ‘because he loves you.’

‘No, he doesn’t!’ Sungmin growled, turning on his computer. ‘He doesn’t.’

* * *

‘What happened to you?’ asked Henry the second he saw Kyuhyun’s face.

‘Hangover,’ he replied. Henry shook his head.

‘It’s not just that,’ he said knowingly. ‘Come on. Tell me.’

‘Aish,’ Kyuhyun sighed. ‘Okay. I’ve been in love with Sungmin since I came here to work, but he’s still so crazy over Super Siwon that he won’t even notice me.’

‘Oh,’ Henry said. ‘I knew that.’


Henry sighed. ‘Come on, Kyu. Everyone in the building knows. Except Sungmin. He’s so oblivious to everything.’

‘Argh,’ Kyuhyun complained, ‘it’s so difficult, being in love. I wish he would just reject me already, so I can move on.’

‘He won’t reject you,’ Henry said confidently, ‘he just hasn’t realised that there are other guys out there. Guys like you.’

A loud beep startled them, and Sungmin’s voice rang through the intercom. ‘Kyuhyun, could you come here please? My computer crashed again.’

Henry replied into the machine, ‘He’ll be right there.’

Kyuhyun stared at him, but Henry just shrugged. ‘It’s your job. You’re getting paid. And maybe you should ask him out while you’re over there. Just a suggestion.’

* * *

‘Sorry, Kyuhyun,’ Sungmin apologized. ‘It just went black. Can you fix it?’

Kyuhyun nodded and crawled under the desk to check the wires.

‘Thanks,’ Sungmin breathed a sigh of relief.

There was silence for a few minutes, then Sungmin asked, ‘We never really do anything together outside of the office, do we?’

‘We never have,’ Kyuhyun mumbled, but Sungmin caught it. ‘Well tonight I’m going to the pub with some friends. If you want to come...’

Kyuhyun smiled slightly. ‘Yeah, sure. That’d be nice.’ But inside, he was dancing eccentrically. Sure, it wasn’t a date. But they’d get there eventually. He hoped.

‘All fixed,’ Kyuhyun said, turning the computer on. ‘I’ll meet you guys...?’

‘Just here,’ Sungmin replied, entering his password. ‘After work. Thanks.’

Kyuhyun smiled and walked back to the Tech department. ‘How’d it go?’ Henry asked.

‘Going out with him and some friends tonight,’ Kyuhyun told him excitedly. Henry laughed. ‘Way to go, tiger.’ Kyuhyun frowned. ‘Don’t call me that.’

* * *

‘You ready to go?’ Sungmin asked Kyuhyun at seven thirty when he arrived at his desk.

Kyuhyun nodded, and looked around. Eunhyuk, Yesung, Ryeowook and Donghae were there too. ‘Let’s go,’ Eunhyuk proclaimed.

They walked down the street, turned the corner, and there it was. They walked inside, where Zhoumi greeted them. ‘Donghae told me,’ he said. ‘Where is he?’

Kyuhyun pointed out Sungmin and Zhoumi whistled. ‘Oh, he’s cute.’

They sat down at Sungmin’s table, ordered drinks, and Ryeowook started the conversation. ‘He’s going to be on the news tonight,’ he said eagerly. ‘For a super exclusive interview.’

Yesung cried, ‘Oh, yeah, they’re going to show it here!’

Kyuhyun looked at Eunhyuk, who filled him in. ‘They’re interviewing Super Siwon about his latest win against that giant polka-dotted tentacle monster.’ Kyuhyun sighed.

‘Don’t worry about Sungmin,’ Eunhyuk whispered, ‘it’ll be fine.’

Kyuhyun sighed and watched the screen, as Super Siwon entered the newsroom and went on to talk about defeating the monster, using his powerful eyebrow lasers, and that ‘we are only truly strong when we believe in each other.’ It made Kyuhyun want to gag, but everybody else was staring at him and sighing dreamily.

* * *

‘I invited Kyuhyun to join us for drink yesterday,’ Sungmin said.

Leeteuk nodded. ‘And, did he have fun?’

Sungmin sighed. ‘Not really. He didn’t really talk, but he looked at me a lot.’

‘And how did that make you feel?’

‘I dunno. Special, a bit. I guess. And it was nice.’

Leeteuk asked, ‘When’s the last time you felt strongly about someone? Besides Super Siwon.’

Sungmin thought back. ‘I don’t know exactly.’

‘For someone you only have a co-worker relationship with, you seem to feel like he’s important.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You said that he was your friend,’ Leeteuk said, reading off his papers, ‘and you panicked when you thought you didn’t consider his feelings. I’d say he’s very important to you.’

‘Eunhyuk said,’ Sungmin admitted, ‘that Kyuhyun was in love with me.’

‘Are you in love with him?’

‘No!’ Sungmin replied immediately, turning bright red. ‘I’m not. I’m not.’

* * *

‘So, did you have with Kyuhyun there last night?’ Henry asked, on his way to the photocopier.

Sungmin nodded. ‘Yeah, it was good he came.’

Henry sighed. ‘You know he loves you, right?’

‘He doesn’t,’ Sungmin retorted.

‘He does,’ Eunhyuk said as he walked by, grabbing the papers out of Henry’s hand. ‘He’s hopelessly smitten with you, and you need to do something about it, because Donghae and I have had to put up with it for four years. Tell him you love him too, then he can waltz off in your arms and stop bugging us.’

‘He’s not going to waltz off in my arms,’ Sungmin scoffed.

‘But you love him too?’ Henry asked immediately.

‘No. Of course not.’

Kyuhyun breathed in and walked silently back to the tech department. He’d heard enough.

* * *

‘Kyuhyun?’ The intercom buzzed into life. ‘I don’t have enough cash to get back home. Can I share a taxi with you?’

Sighing, Kyuhyun replied, ‘Sure.’ But he didn’t think he could take sharing a taxi with Sungmin, not after that.

* * *

Kyuhyun met Sungmin down at his desk, and the older male grinned. ‘To the taxi stand!’ he proclaimed, leading the way. Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile as Sungmin waved down a cab.

They got in and Kyuhyun said, ‘First we’ll go to my place, then you can take my friend to his house.’ Quickly, Kyuhyun gave the man directions and they set off.

‘The driver’s kind of cute,’ Sungmin whispered to Kyuhyun, who agreed grudgingly. They sat in silence for the next twenty minutes.

‘My house isn’t far from here,’ Kyuhyun said suddenly. ‘You live ages away though, right?’

Sungmin nodded. ‘Do you... want to come in? For a drink, or something?’ Sungmin smiled, ‘That would be nice.’

They thanked the cab driver and Sungmin stepped inside Kyuhyun’s apartment, who blushed and admitted, ‘It’s not much, but it’s home.’ Sungmin grinned, ‘It’s great.’

Sungmin explored the apartment and Kyuhyun watched him examining his books and magazines. ‘Oh, this guy is so fit,’ he giggled, holding up a magazine featuring a male model in his underwear.

Kyuhyun snapped. ‘Min, it’s been four years,’ he breathed. ‘Four years, and I’ve stayed quiet, but I can’t do this anymore, I can’t! I love you, I’ve always loved you, and you’re always looking at someone else! But I can’t even compare to them, I can’t even...’ His voice broke and his burst into tears.

‘I don’t have superpowers like Super Siwon. I don’t look cute like the taxi driver. And I don’t have muscles like that model. I don’t have anything, I don’t know what I can do to make you love someone like me, I don’t know...’

‘Kyuhyun,’ Sungmin whispered, ‘Kyu.’ And Kyuhyun calmed down a little just by hearing his familiar nickname.

‘You don’t have to compare yourself to them,’ Sungmin said, ‘because you aren’t them, and they can’t compare themselves to you. You’re amazing, and smart, and talented, and...’ Sungmin grinned sheepishly. ‘You are kind of a superhero, always swooping in to save me from the wrath of my boss when the evil computer shuts down on me.’

Swallowing, Kyuhyun croaked, ‘Sure. I get it. I’m a good friend. But I love you. Damnit, Min, I love you so much...’

Sungmin breathed in and realised that he’d never really loved Super Siwon. He loved someone who was always there for him with a smile, someone who was always happy to see him, someone who always did so much more than he got credit for...

‘Kyu,’ he whispered. ‘I love you.’

And Kyuhyun lunged forwards and tugged him into a harsh kiss, hands cupped around his hyung’s face, and Sungmin reached up to fling his arms around his neck.

‘Kyuhyun,’ he breathed heavily, ‘you’re my superman.’

He reached up and kissed him again, tossing the magazine aside.
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