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For: quickable
Title: Love Attack
Pairing: QMi
Category: Fluff
Rating: 15
Summary: There’s snow falling, and Kyuhyun would much rather be inside, warm, but Zhou Mi has always liked snow, and as he’s older he gets to pick what they do. But it’s a bad idea to be outside during a snowstorm…
A/N: Merry Christmas, I hope you like it!

A very wet and very naked Zhou Mi had an equally wet and naked Kyuhyun pressed up against the shower wall, looking down at him with a strange expression on his face, the water coming down in warm torrents from above, washing away the cold and the snow from their hair.

Kyuhyun took a moment to reflect on how they’d got there.


That morning had been a particularly hard one, as Kyuhyun had refused to wake up no matter what his friend, older by a year, did. In the end, Zhou Mi threatened the sleeping lump to never pick him up again, promising that he would allow Kyuhyun to fail all his classes. Presumably the thought of failing Maths got through to Kyuhyun’s mind, because he woke up promptly (and by “woke up” Zhou Mi meant “opened his eyes”, because Kyuhyun was never fully awake before they reached school). Zhou Mi knew it wouldn’t work if he did it frequently, but it would be worth filing away just in case.

Zhou Mi rolled his eyes and tugged Kyuhyun out of bed, helping him undress and shoving him into clothes when the younger was still mostly-asleep. He then grabbed Kyuhyun’s schoolbag and shoved it onto his friend’s back before pushing the boy down the stairs and force-feeding him toast before sliding shoes onto the other’s feet. If their friends knew what he had to do to get Kyuhyun to school every day (at least, every day he wasn’t ill; the first time he was ill Kyuhyun’s sister did it, which was embarrassing enough that Zhou Mi would have his mother phone Kyuhyun to tell him, and Zhou Mi’s set ringtone always woke Kyuhyun up—he didn’t ring everyday because it would cost a lot of money, and it was quicker for Zhou Mi to just do it himself), well…they’d probably give him a medal. Nobody at school would believe him if he told them anyway; Kyuhyun was calm and collected at school.

Zhou Mi walked them both to school and made sure that Kyuhyun arrived safely at his first class, which was Applied Mathematics—Zhou Mi thought it was entirely too early in the day for such a thing, but Kyuhyun loved it. Kyuhyun was taking many classes that Zhou Mi couldn’t dream of doing, such as Applied Science, Computer Science and Microeconomics. Considering Kyuhyun was nearly seventeen years old (Zhou Mi was just eighteen a few months prior and liked that this was one thing he had over Kyuhyun, who seethed frequently that the older was almost at the legal drinking age and he had to wait another two years) this, to Zhou Mi, was entirely bizarre; why would anyone put themselves through such mental torture?

Kyuhyun woke up fully upon entering the classroom and finding the one friend of theirs who took the same class (Kibum) and Zhou Mi rolled his eyes, chuckling, before heading to his own Mandarin class. As his parents were both Chinese, the class was a breeze, and it gave him a chance to ease into the day.

The morning passed easily with Zhou Mi enjoying his midmorning singing class more than usual, as he got to do a duet with one of his friends from Kyuhyun’s year, Ryeowook. As Ryeowook’s singing voice was lovely and gentle and matched well with his, it made him delighted to do so.

It was quarter past eleven when it started snowing.

“It’s snowing!” Hyukjae cried out in the middle of their foundation English lesson (Zhou Mi tried, honestly he did, but he could not get his tongue around English syllables, and neither could Hyukjae).

Most of the class got up from their seats and ran over to the windows, pressing their noses against the cold glass. Their teacher sighed and rolled her eyes, knowing she wouldn’t teach them much the rest of the lesson.

The snow was fast and heavy, lying thickly within twenty minutes, and their headmaster called an emergency meeting. Zhou Mi’s class trudged miserably down to the assembly hall, all itching to escape.

“The snow is heavy,” he began, “and within two hours we will be snowed in. It is highly likely that you will not be able to go home this evening after school finishes. You may contact your parents to inform them of such.” He paused. “I know that most of you are not going to continue with your studies, so the rest of the day’s classes will be cancelled. You may leave if you can, or play in the snow for an hour or so, either is up to you. We will put the central heating on full. The sports block will be open so that everyone can have showers later to heat themselves up. Any questions?”

As it was, there were none, and Zhou Mi ran straight over to Kyuhyun. “Kui Xian!” he squealed happily. “Let’s build a snowman!”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes but allowed Zhou Mi to tug him outside into the snow. It was going to be a long afternoon.


Kyuhyun had been enjoying his History class when the announcement came. Nobody in his class had even noticed the snow; they’d been too busy learning about the Renaissance.

They shuffled down to the assembly hall, not impressed that their class time was interrupted.

When the news came about the snow, Kyuhyun felt his face fall and he gave a sigh, knowing that he was not going to enjoy the rest of the day. “Kui Xian!” he heard before he saw Zhou Mi, who almost threw himself on him in his happiness. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at Zhou Mi’s suggestion. Admittedly, he preferred the cold to the warmth, but not so much so that he wanted to be out in it right at that moment. He went to school to learn, not to play outside.

Outside, Zhou Mi took them to the little area behind the school that was theirs. They’d found it in Kyuhyun’s first year. It was in the midst of the wood behind the school; a little clearing. They’d strung up two rope swings and would sit chatting during the breaks they didn’t share with their other friends—not that there was much to learn about each other; they’d been together, as best friends, since Kyuhyun was born, when Zhou Mi visited with his mother and had somewhat, in a two-year-old way, decided that the little boy in the blue blanket was going to be his little boy in the blue blanket. They’d been known to share a bed, shower together, even kiss on occasion. Their older friends, who had since finished school, had joked often about them being married.

Kyuhyun sat on one of the swings after brushing the snow off it, but Zhou Mi dropped into the snow, creating a near-perfect snow angel before standing up to survey his handiwork. “It’s great,” Kyuhyun told him, although without much emotion. The snow was still falling. “Can we go inside? It’s stupid to be out here when it’s still snowing.”

“It’s fine!” Zhou Mi replied.

Mimi,” Kyuhyun said exasperatedly, the informal way he did when none of their friends were around, despite everyone knowing about their close friendship.

Zhou Mi ignored him, sliding on a pair of purple gloves and packing snow into a round ball. He built it up, attempting to make the snowman he wanted to. “Kui Xian, help?”

“No,” Kyuhyun replied. “Let’s go inside before we freeze to death.”

Zhou Mi shook his head. “I want to build this!” he told the other cheerily. “It’ll be so nice when it’s done, Kui Xian! Trust me!”

Kyuhyun knew Zhou Mi was good at building snowmen, having known him for seventeen winters, and so he rolled his eyes and said, “I’m going inside to study. Come and find me when you’re done.” He stood up and made his way back through the wood, ignoring Zhou Mi’s wails.

Outside the protection of the trees, the snow was even heavier than before, the wind howling. It shoved him backwards, back towards the trees. It seemed like every step he took, he was pushed back two. It took him five minutes to make it even halfway to the back entrance of the school. He was not impressed.

He eventually gave up, turning back to where Zhou Mi was. The wind was helpful in pushing him back, even though he fell over several times and ended up head-to-toe in snow. He brushed it off him as best he could and headed further through the trees.

Zhou Mi was where he’d left him, seemingly no worse for the wear. The snowman was nearly finished; the older boy was quick at rolling snow into balls. Kyuhyun eyed it up curiously. It had almost perfect stick arms and almost perfect stone eyes and a drawn smile, although it hadn’t a nose. Kyuhyun resisted the urge to kick it over for being perfect and coughed to let the older boy know he was there.

“I thought you went back?” Zhou Mi asked him, without looking towards him.

“It’s too windy,” Kyuhyun replied, although that implied he was weak, and he didn’t like that idea at all. “Couldn’t get there. Here’s the only place that isn’t a raging snowstorm.”

“Well then we’re probably warmer than the people without cover,” Zhou Mi said.

Kyuhyun didn’t tell him that they were probably the only ones outside. He didn’t want Zhou Mi to be upset by his own stupidity. He didn’t think he could cope with that for however long they were going to be stuck there. Instead, he stayed silent and prayed that they wouldn’t turn to icicles before somebody thought to look for them.

Five minutes later and Kyuhyun was rocking himself on the swing, trying to warm himself. The snowman was now done and Zhou Mi was rubbing his hands together to improve circulation. “I’m sorry, Kui Xian,” the boy told him with a pout.

“It’s okay,” Kyuhyun said with a sigh, although it wasn’t. “Just…just come here,” he ordered softly. When his friend scurried over obediently, Kyuhyun tried to meld them together by holding on tightly under Zhou Mi’s coat. “It’s freezing,” he said in explanation, even though he was mostly just doing it to touch, to be close. He could feel Zhou Mi stroke his hands through his hair and he leant into the touch, needing it. He sighed, feeling warmer and happier now Zhou Mi was holding him, and was both comforted and dismayed by how right he had been in his belief that this was going to be a hard day.


Zhou Mi knew it was his fault they were outside freezing, and so he tugged Kyuhyun off the swing and wrapped his arms around the other. “We need to get inside,” he mumbled. “Where—?”

“The sports wing is the closest,” Kyuhyun replied, mostly muffled by Zhou Mi’s jumper, where he’d shoved his head to protect his face from the snow. “If we go through the wood, we’ll get there.”

“There are showers there,” Zhou Mi thought aloud. “That’ll be nice.”

“Don’t—” Kyuhyun began, and Zhou Mi laughed mentally, knowing he’d made Kyuhyun want a hot shower.

“We can always shower once we get there,” Zhou Mi told him, somewhat teasingly. “But we’ve got to get there first.”

Getting there was easier said than done, as there was no direct path through the wood, and Kyuhyun refused to be too far away from Zhou Mi. Normally Zhou Mi liked it; he liked how the younger boy relied on him sometimes, even though he’d never admit it. Ever since they were young, Kyuhyun had always liked being in close proximity to the other boy. That was the reason they shared beds when they slept at each other’s and why they had showered together before. However, it made navigating the wood much harder, as he kept tripping over his younger friend’s feet.

“Kui Xian! Stop clinging onto me!” he whined more than once. Kyuhyun would obediently let go, but within minutes would be attached, like a limpet, to Zhou Mi’s arms, hand or jacket. He stopped. “Kui Xian, if you do not let me walk, I will bury you under this snow and leave you here, don’t think I won’t.”

Kyuhyun squeaked and took two steps back in response, and Zhou Mi was both satisfied and sorry to see the fear in the younger’s eyes. Kyuhyun projected this image of strength and sarcasm, but underneath it all, Zhou Mi knew it was just to hide his worries and fears. He sighed and ruffled the younger’s hair. Kyuhyun pouted in response and tried to bat his hand away from his hair, and Zhou Mi wished that his friend would show this personality in front of the rest of their friends, because it was absolutely adorable. It was one of the reasons he loved Kyuhyun so much.

Now he did not have to walk lopsided due to Kyuhyun being attached to him, he found it easier to create a path through the trees towards their destination, stopping every so often to make sure Kyuhyun was still behind him (he could never be too sure).

The snowstorm was still howling when they broke through next to the sports building. Zhou Mi led the way slowly and surely towards it, Kyuhyun holding his hand and desperately trying to keep his footing on the snowy, icy ground.

It took them another five minutes to cover the three metres, but it was worth it when they fell through the door (which was thankfully open) and collapsed onto the floor in the basketball hall. Zhou Mi cuddled Kyuhyun close and kissed his hair. “Oh thank goodness,” he gasped.

Kyuhyun collapsed on top of him, arms around his neck. “Never do that again,” he grumbled, sounding like his usual stern and sensible self but still keeping himself close. “We could have died.”

“We weren’t even out there for an hour, Kui Xian,” Zhou Mi told him.

“People have died in minutes,” Kyuhyun continued. “It would have been our luck.” He sighed and rested his head in the crook of Zhou Mi’s neck, lips open and brushing against the skin.

Zhou Mi knew that Kyuhyun hadn’t meant anything by this, but it didn’t help him not love the younger.

“Can we have this shower now?” Kyuhyun asked, and every word caused his lips to tickle against Zhou Mi’s neck. He squirmed slightly.

The way he said “this shower” implied there would only be one shower between them and Zhou Mi wanted that so much that he nodded against Kyuhyun’s head before he was even aware of it. “Yes, yes we can,” he said, a little faster than normal.

He pushed Kyuhyun onto his feet before standing up himself and steering them both towards the showers in the changing rooms. The room was empty as people rarely used the school showers, instead waiting to use their own at home—they didn’t want to risk anyone opening the curtains and revealing their nudity to other people in the room.

Kyuhyun wasted no time tugging off his wet uniform—black suit, white shirt and red tie—and Zhou Mi took a moment to appreciate the sight, despite having seen Kyuhyun naked probably more times than Kyuhyun himself had, before removing his own clothes and stepping into the nearest shower and turning the knob a little towards “hot”.

Kyuhyun slid in the shower behind him and shut the curtain. He smiled up at Zhou Mi. “Much better!” he said, as the warm water ran down his neck.

Zhou Mi couldn’t help it, but maybe it wasn’t entirely his fault, not when Kyuhyun looked like that. He pushed Kyuhyun against the wall and looked down at him. He wanted to do so many things, but he didn’t know what he wanted to do first.

This was complicated.


Kyuhyun looked up at Zhou Mi, not sure why the older was making that face. His back was against the cool tiles and the heat from the front and cold from the back was strange but he liked it. He reached out to grasp Zhou Mi’s wrists.

“Mimi-ge?” he asked. “What—?”

He didn’t get to finish because Zhou Mi was kissing him.

It wasn’t the first time they’d kissed; they kissed on birthdays and other special occasions. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, under mistletoe. Sometimes they kissed for no reason at all but because they could. But never like this. Never this close. Never with tongues.

Kyuhyun reflected on the day and their life and supposed that he should have suspected this would happen eventually, considering their close relationship.

He kissed back without protest, because he liked when Zhou Mi kissed him, and he liked their relationship, and if it progressed…well, it was probably inevitable. They’d probably been leading to this their entire lives.

Zhou Mi pulled back first, and he had a horror-struck expression on his face. “I-I’m sorry! I just—I shouldn’t—” he stammered. He turned to leave and Kyuhyun pulled him back.

“Don’t apologise,” he commanded, before kissing Zhou Me lightly.

Zhou Mi paused for a moment before kissing back, and Kyuhyun decided that in actual fact, that day was brilliant.


An hour later, fully dressed, they left the sports block and headed the little way towards the main school building, where they were offering a mid-afternoon snack. The boys, who hadn’t had lunch, hurried to sit next to their friends, who handed them some of the food they had saved for them.

“Where have you been?” Hyukjae asked.

Zhou Mi looked at Kyuhyun, asking him with his eyes whether they should tell the truth or not. Kyuhyun’s eyes laughed at him.

“Gege and I got married,” Kyuhyun said solemnly, and then let out a shameless laugh and promptly ducked under the table as all their friends attacked him—although whether happily or otherwise, Zhou Mi didn’t know. He just rolled his eyes and poked at whatever body part he could reach under the table.

“It’s about time,” Donghae said cheerfully, and Zhou Mi raised an eyebrow. “Seriously, you guys should have been together for ages.”

Zhou Mi shook his head. “Maybe,” he said. “But…” He shrugged. “It doesn’t matter now I suppose.”

“I’m so happy for you two!” Ryeowook beamed.

Kyuhyun poked Zhou Mi’s knee from under the knee. “We’re together?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yes…?” Zhou Mi replied, slightly unsurely.

“Okay,” Kyuhyun replied, and pulled Zhou Mi under the table so he could kiss him without being killed by the rest of their friends.

They were insane, Zhou Mi supposed, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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