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Tags: fic exchange 2009
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I was squealing all the way as I was reading.

And thanks sujusanta for organizing this. I can't for next year's one already. ^_^
You are very welcome! It was a blast to write it! ^_^

Do you mind if I post it in my journal and on miracle for my readers to read? I felt like I should ask since it is yours after all.
i'm a bit peeved you didn't end this with a big santa emoticon. i kinda missed it.

ngl, i was trying to figure out who you were since day one and you didn't even come up into my head. i feel all sorts of lame :\

I'm very grateful that you decided to step up and do this when the other mods were too busy on the mother site, it's my first suju secret santa and i didn't sign up for any other in hopes someone would organize one for suju. you pulled through so i'm stoked for that much.

i want to thank ricecakestar for writing for me. its memmed and ready to go~

i'm still pissy i didn't know it was you.
but i really did like your email replies as santa XD
You're very welcome . w .
It was very enjoyable to write even though I usually don't write YeWook .///.;
I had way too much fun with the descriptions (and imagining kid!Yehsung falling out of a tree *snickers*).

You memmed my fic .O.?!
I can't tell you how happy I am to know that >w<
Woah long list there and loads of html i see>< THANKS SO MUCH SANTA for organising this, it's such a tough job but you've been so wonderful! I never knew I would enjoy participating in this so much:D

AS WELL AS omona_shi, thank you this is the bestest christmas gift I could ever get:D Your fic was so brilliant! It was so unexpected to find out it was you who wrote for me, I actually adore your fics so much! :DDD

haha- you're welcome! you know, i had finished this at 4.30am in the morning (lots and lots and lots of homework D:) and i actually got scared at what i wrote. (FAIL)

sorry it felt a little rushed though... but you know... *sigh*

thanks to misterricalx for my wonderful fic ^_^

i so love it ^_^

wookie is your bias too?

thanks again..

and thank you sujusanta for organizing this
I think that I've become physically unable to stop thanking thundersquall, because wow -- I love the fic so much~

I'm also adding my thanks to sujusanta for running this fantastic fic-gifting so smoothly!
xelfishx, thank you so much for your work with my prompt, i just left a longer comment on the actual thing. but please know that a;lskfjads i enjoyed it so much!

and sujusanta, ♥ :)
You are most definitely welcomed! ♥

Also on the actual thing, I bet I sound like a total creeper by asking this, but would it be ok if I friended you? x3

I hope you had a lovely Christmas ^^
WHEE~~~~ <3 THANK YOU baby_buggs!!!! >w
Thank you very much to sujusanta for organizing such an awesome event!! XD


8 years ago


8 years ago

Wow, can't believe everything's actually over.

thanks a lot to sujusanta for all the hardwork, and dealing with everyone's problem, also making sure everyone gets their fic safe and sound. *standing ovation*

*sigh* do we have to wait next year for the next secret santa project? can't they have this more than once a year? Well if they do, please send an email, I'd love to participate again.

thanks to giinnnzz I love your fanart. Ever since you done one for thewindchime's fic, and the ones for theclockiswrong ^^ *too happy for words*
Thank you very much to sujusanta for organising this because it was so much fun! I enjoyed writing and I enjoyed reading so :DDDDDD!!! I'm glad it gave me a reason to write something!

Thank you SO MUCH to darleenk for writing me something when you weren't even taking part. It was absolutely AMAZING!!! I'm so happy. XDDDD
Thank you also to the other people's whose stories I enjoyed, which includes cinnamonzz, katsudono, yeonah, hakkais_shadow, kwonmisun and terraforensis...though all of them are good!


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

jhengchie I love my fic! It was so...perfect! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
glad you liked it ^_^

*phew* i was so nervous ^_^

Merry Christmas too..
Thank you lil_aqua_chic for my lovely fic *__*

Merry Christmas! :D
to kittypoker...thanks soooooooooo much!!!! i sooo love my fic and you made me miss kihae more :)
Merry Christmas!
to sujusanta...congrats for the job well done! till next year!
im happy i joined this year :)
Thank you very much, mytigerhobbes! ^^ It was very cute, and I enjoyed it. ♥
urei_sachi, I am so, so incredibly happy that you wrote for me -hugs- I can't express my now instant joy and I really want to do something in return ♥

also, thank you so much, sujusanta, for all your hard work! ♥
Thanks so much zawie for the fic. I look forward to the next parts!

Thanks for all the hard work you did to make this happen sujusanta!
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