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The moment you've all been waiting for -- the list of who wrote for whom!

jhengchie wrote for convicted_eyes
terraforensis wrote for faithgrowsold
hoyah wrote for kwonmisun
godchild1134 wrote for tees2mai
giinnnzz wrote for ajikto
hotarumyst wrote for kpoppin
olebade wrote for hotarumyst
mad_goth_freak wrote for mayshy
baby_buggs wrote for syusuke_kun31
urei_sachi wrote for terraforensis
kwonmisun wrote for miangel_zezchic
xoxo_nat_xx wrote for aeri_iijiri
kat_elric wrote for yunsias

einji wrote for lil_aqua_chic
meiface wrote for lovelessending
hakkais_shadow wrote for mad_goth_freak
azukarr23 wrote for cinnamonz
mayshy wrote for omona_shi
happytgt wrote for hachi08
razi_a wrote for happytgt
merashun wrote for xrosepetalsx
misterricalx wrote for jhengchie
at_rainbows_end wrote for meiface
dragons_desire wrote for katsudono
miangel_zezchic wrote for merashun
kittypoker wrote for leunah23

convicted_eyes wrote for ricecakestar
sandboxskyline wrote for lemondalemons
quickable wrote for quixotic_notes
beanova_ wrote for olebade
yeonah wrote for xelfishx
thundersquall wrote for dragons_desire
jishu wrote for kittypoker
baaadbsk wrote for xoxo_nat_xx
hachi08 wrote for azukarr23
ajikto wrote for ha3ngbok
fantasylove4ev wrote for godchild1134
black_goose wrote for at_rainbows_end
zawie wrote for kat_elric

quixotic_notes wrote for xrosepetalsx
xelfishx wrote for xaephyr
cairistiona wrote for quickable
katsudono wrote for onewhomust
lil_aqua_chic wrote for razi_a
geurigo wrote for hakkais_shadow
onewhomust wrote for black_goose
aeri_iijiri wrote for yeonah
syusuke_kun31 wrote for cutepear
ha3ngbok wrote for einji
domestik_fucker wrote for urei_sachi
ddangkkoma wrote for fabriclies
leunah23 wrote for giinnnzz

cutepear wrote for misterricalx
omona_shi wrote for baaadbsk
cinnamonzz wrote for beanova_
faithgrowsold wrote for hoyah
lovelessending wrote for thundersquall
xrosepetalsx wrote for geurigo
mytigerhobbes wrote for sandboxskyline
kpoppin wrote for jishu
xaephyr wrote for fantasylove4ev
yunsias wrote for zawie
ricecakestar wrote for ddangkkoma
darleenk wrote for cairistiona
thundersquall wrote for baby_buggs
mytigerhobbes wrote for domestik_fucker

This is the biggest Secret Santa exchange the Suju fandom has seen since 2006! To think this started as a silly idea I posed on kpopficwangst that somehow ended up happening! Much love to all the anons in that original thread who showed the amount of enthusiasm they did. Together, yes we can!! ;D

Thanks to the miracle mods for granting access to this comm <3 and thanks so, so much to darleenk and thundersquall for agreeing to fill in at the last minute! (And I'm extremely sorry that sandboxskyline and domestik_fucker had to receive shabbily put-together fic from myself.) You have my heart.

Hope you all had fun, and happy holidays! Make sure to read as many fics as you can--there are a whopping 66 of them.


Suju Santa
Tags: fic exchange 2009
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